Peppard class - April 26th 2019

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 12:16pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard Class.  It has been lovely to be back with our little class after the Easter break.

In phonics this week, we have been working in two groups.  Some of the class have been learning about consanant blends and practising writing and spelling words with an extra consonant.  For example - ten becomes tent.  

Some of the class have been learning some new sounds - ay and ou.  All the children have been practising tricky words and learning some new ones.

I read individually with the children on their key day.  I am so impressed with their progress.  I have been asking questions that relate to the text and pictures and the children demonstrate good comprehension. 

Our next step is writing sentences that can be read by self and others.  To support writing, the children write a sentence from their helicopter story and they write a diary at the end of each day.  We aim to keep the writing related to your child's interest and and make it purposeful.

The children all enjoyed PE - we went for our first tennis lesson.  It was really good fun and we saw some progress from the beginning to end of the lesson.  Well done Peppard class.  

In maths, we have been working on counting and number recognition.  The children have been hunting for the missing teen numbers and ordering numbers. 

We have started our Minibeast topic.  We have read the story - The Cautious Caterpillar.  

Alongside our topic, we also develop our environment to incorporate the class interests.  Lots of the children have been playing with the babies so we are going to make a baby clinic next week.

We have also observed children persevering with tent and den making.  We will bring some more resources to assemble and join the dens next week.

The boys worked together to develop the most creative and amazing cannon. 

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