Greys - September 28th

Date: 28th Sep 2018 @ 3:37pm

Greys class had a fun filled start to the week with a trip to Great Windsor Park.

We found out lots of fascinating facts about the wonderful world of trees. We began the day by meeting Reg and Old Gnarly. We then labelled the parts of a tree and found out what each part does. We were then split into our groups and enroute to the forest collected different tyoes of leaves ready to name and sort according to their shape. After this activity we were split into groups of three and played Meet a tree in which we were blindfolded and had to feel a tree and then guess which tree it was. We counted the rings of a trunk to see how old a tree was and then on our way back to lunch  we took part in a skywalk, in which we held mirros above our noses and it felt as though we were walking along the tree tops. After lunch we took part in Nature's Theatre in which we used our senses as Sophie, the lady who led our session read us a story. It was an amazing day and we learned so much andf had so much fun. A very big thank you to the parents who kindly drove and helped out on the day.

On October 10th we will be visiting Sutton Courtenay Environmental Centre to take part in a Spectacular Seasons workshop as part of our new topic "Where do the leaves go to in Autumn?" Letters have been sent home today.

In Literacy this week we have continued with different versions of Jackl and the bEanstalk and we have reversed the role of Jack and the Giant. We have been thinking of words and actions to describe these new characters, ready for next weke's Big Write in which we will write our alternative version of the story.

In Maths we have been using money to make different amounts and giving the children an amount and getting them to find as many diffrent ways as they can to make that amount, which was not as easy as they initially thought. We soon realised that the easiest way was to create an ordered list to ensure that we found all the possibilities. Next week we will be looking at time.

In Phonics the Year 2s were working on the /j/ sound spelt -dge and -ge at the end of words. The Year 1s have been working on the wh, ph,  and -ew sounds.

We have been practising our song for the Harvest chirch service next week and in Art we mixed primary colours to create seconday colours. We also created our own printing blocks and printed patterns inspired by the style of William Morris.

Show and Tell next week will be on Plants

Monday - Ted

Tuesday - Jasmine

Wednesday - Maria

Thursday - Dex

Friday - Eliza

There were quite a few children without PE kits on Tuesday. Can you please ensure that PE kits are in school every day as our PE day may occasionally change. They should then be taken home on a Friday to be returned on Monday.

Thank you to those who are remembering their water bottles and reading books on a daily basis.

Homework this week is a Maths activity and should be returned by Tuesday please.

Have a lovely weekend!


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