Springwood 6th March

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 3:11pm

We have been very busy in Springwood this week. We have continued investigating fractions and decimals in maths; had some visitors from Henley Youth Festival and started our new gymnastics unit in PE.

Art pod workshop

On Monday Springwood class had an art workshop for the Henley youth festival.  We made artwork inspired by the ocean and the pollution that is in it. We did different types of art, the first type was sketching. We all got given a sheet of paper which described different ways of how to sketch, some of them were really hard. The one that people found the hardest was sketching without looking at their work. After that we each got given a canvas and we draw a plastic bag on it. Then we drew our sea animals and some coral at the bottom of the bag. To paint it we used a technique called wet on wet and we had to paint first in water then we dropped watercolour onto the area to give it a nice texture. We then painted the outside of the plastic bag black to make the inside of the picture stand out. Finally we painted the sea using acrylics . We had to make a light blue, a turquoise blue and a dark blue and then we had to blend them on the canvas to make a nice sea life effect.

Football tournament 

On Thursday year 5/6 went to a football tournament at Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge. We played 3 matches each, the yr 5/6  boys played 8 a side and the yr 5/6 girls played 5 a side. We played in very difficult conditions including torrential rain and very cold winds. Everyone came back frozen but enjoyed the experience never the less. 


This term in DT we made Islamic wall hangings as part of our topic. We found out that Islamic art is often symmetrical and geometric and is usually very colourful. It also often doesn’t have any pictures of people or Allah. We made our wall hangers out of felt and then sewed on our different shapes. We had two shapes to make it symmetrical  and they were both different colours. Now they are finished and are hanging in our classroom.

World book day

This week we had world book day and at the end of each day we swapped teachers and they read us a traditional tale. On Thursday we all came to school dressed up as traditional tale characters such as Little Red Riding  Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We all had very good costumes and all were very creative. It was very fun this year and we all can’t wait for next year!

By Lola Wilde and Astrid Waite

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