Springwood 7th February

Date: 7th Feb 2020 @ 2:41pm

We had a great visit to the Ashmolean museum on Monday. Our workshop was focussed on Islamic art and the class impressed our guide with all the fantastic facts they could remember about the city of Baghdad. There were a lot of activities including gallary hunts,reconstructing a broken up example of a piece of art, a tessellation activity and the chance to create their our geometric designs. 

We learnt about the common shapes and images we would expect to see in Islamic art. These included animals, flowers, trees and leaves. We also noticed that a lot contained beautiful artistic writing called calligraphy. 

In music this week the children were finishing their graphical scores of the song Let it Go. This is a way of representing music using colours, shapes and symbols. They were challenged to decide what symbols and colours would represent the different dynamics, tempos and range of notes they could hear. They then had to present these to the class and explain the decisions they had made.

I'm also including some pictures from last week's fire safety talk. One of the children was given the opportunity to try on a fire officer's uniform, which they inform us all was "very heavy". The children were completely captivated by this talk and certainly took away useful information, a key piece being, in the event of a fire - Get out, Stay out, Call 999. 

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