Visitor in Highmoor Class

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 9:31pm

This Friday, Highmoor Class had a visitor - Lyra and Ruby's daddy Simon! Simon is a civil engineer and came to speak to us about the work he does in sustainable drainage as we have been learning all about the water cycle. We recapped the 4 stages of the water cycle and heard all about how the work that Simon's company does fits into the collection stage. Simon helped us understand the different types of environments that precipitation might fall on, such as an urban environment or a rural environment, and the difference in surface run off and drainage when an environment is built up and man-made compared to when it is natural. In groups, we made models to represent the different environments. We were able to pour water over each environment to represent rain and observe the speed in which the water drains and collects. We were amazed to see how much faster this happened in an urban environment containing much more infrastructure. Before we poured the water, Simon asked us to add 'pollutants'. This way, we were able to measure not only the speed of drainage but the amount of pollution that makes its way back to the oceans. In our groups, we made a model of a sustainable drainage design, just like the ones Simon's company creates. Simon explained to us that these designs can be fitted in urban environments to make the drainage mimic that of a more natural environment. We used sponges and dish clothes to slow down the water. It was amazing to see how much slower the water passed through and also to see how much less pollution ended up in the collected water. A huge thank you to Simon for coming in and bringing our science topic to life! Take a look at the pictures to see us in action. 


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