W.c 17.1.2022 by Evie and Phoebe

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 2:01pm

This week has been fun because we have done lots of arty stuff as well as going swimming. We have been challenged in maths because we have been calculating with fractions - it was hard.

Science: this week we did an experiment to investigate which object reflected the most light onto a blank, white piece of paper. We discovered that black absorbs the light and shiny surfaces, such as tin foil and the whiteboard, reflected the most light.

History and English: this week we talked about how Norse men believed in Valhalla.  This is a mead hall where Norse men and women go (once they have died) if they have served a good life. Odin (a Norse God) wanted to fill the hall with warriors.

Art and History: this week in art, we were making comics and weaving.

The weaving was really tricky because if you didn't get the stitching right, it would go completely wrong. We made looms and chose wool.  On our visit to Ufton Court, we learned that most clothing was made by weaving wool.  Phoebe

We made comics about Beowulf who was an Anglo-Saxon hero (Beowulf was written about in Anglo-Saxon times and the mythical story is still shared today). My favourite bit was drawing in the style of a graphic novel. I really enjoyed drawing Grendel because he is a mythical creature so there was not a wrong or right with that bit - you could do your own design. Evie

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