Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition

Start: 25th Mar 2019 12:00pm

Duration: 3 hours

At Gillotts.

Two teams.

Packed lunches required as returning to school, after 1pm

Arrive 12.20 ready for a 12.45 start.

Ratio of 4 : 3 players at all times onthe pitch

No spinning or jumping

No hand offs ball must be in two hands at all times

Tag must be handed back to the person you have taken it from

Tag belt and tags must be clearly visible

Restart with a free pass - defenders must go back 5 M

After a tag has been made defending team need to drop back 1 M

3 seconds to pass the ball after a tag

After 5 tags ball goes to other team.

Teams so far V. Road x 2, P x 2, S. Heart x 2