19 - 23 February: Spring 2 Term has begun.

Date: 25th Feb 2024 @ 2:12pm

This week Greys children got straight back into the swing of things.  They missed some of their classmates who have Chickenpox, but look forward to having them back at school soon.

Year 1 have been working on the phonemes /ir/ and /ur/ /air/ and /or/ /oo / sounds as in : first, hurt(/ir/), worse(/ur/), dare(/air/), pudding (/oo/).

Year 2 learnt the spelling rule where the phoneme /u/ is spelt with an 'o'. as in monkey, mother, Monday etc.

In Maths Year 1 children relished the challenge of doubling, using near doubles to add and subtract  up to 20 and practicing their bonds. They are making good progress.

Year 2 children continued to find subtraction of money, challenging, needing reminding that normal subtraction rules apply. We are to go onto the next section on multiplication and division later in the coming week. 

In English, Year 1's enjoyed the story of 'The Tiger who Came to Tea.' They  came up with intriguing questions they might have asked the Tiger and are busy exploring adjectives to describe his appearance and his character.

The Year 2's are looking at another poem by Joshua Seigal called 'I've Been a Bean'. To kick off we planted our broad beans and stuck them in a warm sunny place to grow.. We read the poem, began to explore how we might recite it with actions and looked at the homophones within the poem, 

In RE we talked about the characteristics of a good leader after playing a few amusing rounds of 'follow my leader.' The children shared really good insights which we then tabled.

In PSHE we discussed how we might assist others in order to protect their human rights.

In Geography we started an exciting adventure of discovery of the area in which we live and its context. we discussed village, town, city, county, country, continent using google maps, satellite and map view. The children were very excited to see thier school and familiar landmarks on the screen. 

Mrs Fowler got our Grey;'s children playing recorders in Music and Mrs Elson managed to do some indoor PE in the form of gymnastics this week due to the rain.

We were very proud of our Children who came dressed in their respective Club uniforms on Wednesday.

PS: I thought it might be helpful to parents and children to put up the planned Phonics, Spelling (Year 2's) and Maths planned for the coming week. You can find this on your child's Google Classroom account. Games can also be found to consolildate the Maths.

It may be useful should you want to lend your child some extra support.

Apologies for the shortage of photos this week.

Have a great week ahead

Jen Tully


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