Our Student Voices

Across the school children are given opportunities to take on leadership roles and contribute to their school community. Students take their responsibilities very seriously and enjoy being able to make a difference within our school.

Team Captains

Organiser's of our team points competitions and team sports competitions, these four help make our school a better place.

They are elected each year by their classmates.

Team Captains.png

School Council

The School Council are an important part of the the Pupil Voice of the school. They are elected every year by the other children in their classes and are responsible for making the school a better place for all children.

Worship Council

We run Church services, write prayers and choose our hymns for our virtual Church services. We are elected each year by our classmates.

Worship Council.png

Peppard Church of England Primary School

Church Lane, Peppard, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 5JU

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