6-10 November Remembrance Week

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 4:45pm

6 - 10 November - Remembrance Week


Thank you to all parents who were able to join us for the Remembrance Day service on Wednesday. We understand how busy your lives are and that attending is not always possible, but really appreciate your participation. Our Greys readers made us so proud!

Huge apologies should your child be in a tizz about bringing their  design and technology items to school tomorrow. The dates have been changed to Monday and Tuesday week :20 / 21 November.

Please could you ensure that your child has a shopping bag with his/her name on it with a cereal box and at least 2 inner rolls of a kitchen towel rolls inside.

In Phonics, the children are making amazing progress and many are now able to work out how to write words by sounding them out independently.

These improved skills are reflected in the amazing progress the children are making when they embark on their first 'read through' of their weekly readers.

We are really proud of how independently and responsibly the Year 2 children are managing their reading books and would like to remind parents to ensure that children read to you routinely.

In Maths, both Year 1's and Year 2's are doing subtraction. Year 1's are using their knowledge of 'part/whole' models and number lines to work out answers to story sums.

Year 2's are using their knowledge of bonds to employ the strategy of completion of the 10 when subtracting and adding across the 10. eg in the sum:12 - 5 After subtracting 2 from 12 so they can work with 10, they then subtract the balance ie 3. Essentially 12-2 = 10 and then 10 -3 = 7 (because they know that 3+7 = 10).

Please encourage your child to do a little of the Doodle Maths each day.

In English the children were encouraged to use adjectives and adverbs to describe how 'Traction Man ' might use one of the household objects placed on their tables, to assist him on an imaginary mission.   They were totally absorbed in this 'mission' and wrote wonderfully creative ideas with great enthusiasm.

In Science we continued to explore the seasons, learning their order and the months in which they occur. As an extension we drew up a class Birthday Bar Graph and then used our Maths skills to add up the number of birthdays per season which were then reflected on a separate Seasonal Birthday Bar Graph.  

In Geography the children are learning about the continents and wonders of the world.  They learnt that the highest mountain in the world is Mt Everest and watched a video and answered questions about the amazing Bar-Headed Goose. They shall also be learning the names of the Oceans and significant Rivers of the world. This will involve mapwork and use of a globe of the world. Should the opportunity arise, please discuss these global concepts with your child. 

In R.E. we discussed symbols in our everyday lives and then the signifiacnce of religious symbolism.  We compared the religious symbols of Christianity and Judaisim and their meanings.

In Computers we are starting a section on algorithms.  The children are making sure that they give detailed instructions in the correct order : directions to a place, instructions to a friend explaining the order in which a task needs to be carried out eg; dressing, making a peanut butter sandwhich.

Our Nativity rehearsals are in full swing! Your child will have brought home a script or words on card to learn. Please could you assist us in helping them to learn their part. 

Mrs Fowler and I were absolutely amazed at how quickly the class learnt the songs and how enthusiastic they all are. We are thrilled!

Wishing you all a great week.

Mrs Tully.



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