Autumn Term 2 31st October - 3 November

Date: 4th Nov 2023 @ 2:58pm

Welcome back to school after a much needed rest.

We began our new English book upon which our language lessons for the next few weeks are to be based. The children were enthralled as Mrs Fowler read 'Traction Man is Here!' , to them. Initially they were asked to predict who he might be and what the story might involve from the poster of the book cover.  

In Maths we are continuing with addition and subtraction. The Year ones were introduced to story sums and learnt important pertinent vocabulary; altogether, sum, total, whole.

Year 2 revised and learnt more about the 'completion of the ten' to be used as one of the strategies to be employed when adding accross the ten. 

A reminder to encourage your child to play Doodle Maths as a learning tool; it really is incredible and paid for by the school.

In Science Greys class are learning about the 4 seasons; their names, order and the months in which they occur.

Science overlaps Geography this term as we have begun a section called ' Our Wonderful World'. We all enjoyed listening to Louis Armstrong's beautiful song: 'What a Wonderful World', while watching a s[ectacular presentation of the magnificence of nature's wonders with the lyrics. We discussed natural and man-made wonders and explored what wonders were 'local' and further affield. Please chat to your child about local wonders if you have a chance.Their 'foreign' teacher will be doing lots of homework to ensure we don't overlook these.

In PSHE we discussed TEAMS : Together Everyone Achieves More. We talked about the many TEAMS we are a a part of; families, school, class, activity and sports groups etc.

The children had a great rugby training session on our beautful common on a foggy Tuesday morning.

As Grey's class were all geared up for Halloween on Tuesday, they got to enjoy an online guided drawing session where they drew a 'vampire bat'. They all did so well.

The weather sent the children indoors for indoor play during  break and lunchtime a few times this week. They were thrilled to have so many toys and games to play with.

Some of our children shall be reading at the Remembrance Day service at the church on Wednesday and you are all welcome to attend.

In the coming weeks we are going to be very busy preparing for our Nativity Play on 12 December. The children will be cast this week and all of the children will be participating in some way.


In Science we are going to be making rain guages in 5 groups. To this end we need clear, 5( 1 per group),  x 2 litre  cooldrink bottles.

In Technology, we are going to need some recycled waste to build an item Please could these be brought to school as soon as possible,

in a shopping bag with your child's name on it..  The inside of kitchen paper towel roll.

                                                                             The inside of wrapping paper rolls.

                                                                             An empty cereal box.


Have a great week.

Mrs Tully.



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