Friday 13 October by Rosie and Jessica

Date: 13th Oct 2023 @ 12:01pm


On Monday we were all given our new iPads. We got to design a beautiful name label that we placed inside the iPad cover. We signed into our school Google accounts, which was a bit tricky. We all joined the Springwood Google Classroom where some of our work was posted this week. We are now able to access our Doodle Maths accounts and do our homework, and have fun using the other apps on the iPads. 

School Open Morning

On Wednesday, parents that were interested in enrolling their children in our school, came to visit. They were shown around by our Year 6s. The Year 6s answered the parents' questions and brought them right into our classroom to show them what were doing. Then they were given tea and coffee afterwards. We enjoyed seeing all the parents.


In Science we checked in on our worms to see how they doing in their new environment. Some of our worms had already reproduced and this made us really happy. This meant that the new environment had all that the worms needed to survive. We measured their length and widths to see how much they had grown. We will continue to check them for the next five weeks.


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