Friday, 15th March by Esther and Islay

Date: 15th Mar 2024 @ 2:57pm

It has been a busy week!


Year 5 children wrote Maths and English Reading assessments, and year 6s also had to write SATs practice assessments. It was very tiring, and we're glad they are over for this term.


We have been working on a Vikings project throughout the term. This week we had to choose between making a Viking longship, or a Viking village made of longhouses. We brought in all sorts of materials and spent a few lessons planning and building our models. We learnt a lot and enjoyed the task. You can see our projects in the pictures below.


While the year 6s were completing some SATs assessments, the year 5s celebrated International Pi Day on Thursday by doing some fun activities with circles, and creating a city skyline using the first few digits of Pi: 3.14159265359.


Mr Steele reintroduced a rule for break time whereby we must finish eating our snack on the playground before we can go and play on the Common. This is to make sure we don't choke on our food as we run around and play.

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