Friday 17th November by Summer and Amelie

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 2:05pm


Bikeability was really fun! First we learnt some basic skills like signals and the "ABC" test on the playground. A is for air in the tyres, B is for breaks and C is for chain. These all need to be checked before you go on a ride. Next we headed for the roads and practised stopping at junctions and using our signals. We had to stay in our order to make sure we were safe and riding together. Our favourite part was riding down the hills! We were given certificates of achievement and badges.



This week we worked on our Animals of the Amazon Rainforest posters. We looked up facts on our ipads and in books. Some of us chose jaguars, while others chose butterflies and toucans. It was so interesting to learn about these animals and how they have adapted to living in the rainforest. We had to draw pictures of our animals and made fact boxes. 



We completed our information charts on microorganisms. We worked in groups and each person was responsible for researching specific facts about fungi, algae, bacteria, viruses and protozoa, and whether they are harmful or beneficial to humans. We discovered that there are more types of algae in the world than stars in the universe, and that they also have a type of "sunscreen"! Next week we will present a short reportback to the class.


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