Friday, 22nd March by George and Lucas

Date: 23rd Mar 2024 @ 1:07pm

This week in Springwood we have done lots of fun, interesting and entertaining things.

DT Day

We spent Wednesday making interactive pop-up picture books suitable for children in Peppard class. We made four page books and we needed to use a variety of mechanisms, such as levers, sliders and pop-ups. It was really fun and we're looking forward to sharing them with the children in Peppard class next week.


In Science we have been learning about forces. This week we focused on air resistance and we made parachutes. We made three different sized parachutes and timed how long it took them to float down to the ground. Then we recorded our findings on a table and discussed them.

Junior Citizens

The year 6s participated in a Junior Citizens workshop which taught us how to react in emergency situations. we learnt about online safety, stranger danger, hazards in the home and near rivers, as well as how to place calls with the emergency call line, 999. The year 5s will enjoy and benefit from the course next year.

We also say well done to the netball players who participated in the Oxfordshire County Finals in Wallingford. The opposition was tough and they played well and supported each other.

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