Friday, 23rd February by Ivy and Jessica

Date: 23rd Feb 2024 @ 2:17pm

We had a busy first week back after the mid-term break.


We are learning about animation in our Computing lessons. In our first lesson we learnt how to make simple flip book animations. We we watched a short video to give us some ideas, then we chose whether we wanted to work in pairs or on our own. Most of us worked in pencil to create so very clever flip books.

P.E: Gymnastics

Our trip to Kennylands Gym remains one of the highlights of our week. We really enjoy being able to jump around on the trampolines and fly through the air! Every week we learn new skills and it is very exciting.


This term we are learning about forces. Today's lesson was about gravity. We went outside and enjoyed different activities involving gravity. We dropped different objects with different masses from the same height, we used a Newton Meter and tested the speed of a marble when released from differing heights.

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