Springwood Class Friday 2nd February

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 2:30pm

School trip

We visited The Museum of Oxford on Tuesday where we learnt about life in Oxford during the Anglo Saxon times. Maddie was dressed in Anglo Saxon clothing which consisted of a cloak fastened with a brooch. We then went on to design our own brooches which we brought back to school. As well at this we looked at replica artifacts, learned Saxon stories and compared maps of modern and Saxon Oxford. 


As part of this term’s Art lessons we have been looking at how art can be used to convey messages. This has led us to think about what we think is important and what our messages might be to the world. We looked at the work of the artist Bob and Roberta Smith and used our graphic skills in using collage to create posters to get our messages across.


In science today we recapped our knowledge about how light travels and we then went on to design and make periscopes using cardboard and mirrors. Some were more successful than others and we learnt that had to get the angles of the mirrors just right for them to work effectively. 


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