Grey's 2 February 2024

Date: 4th Feb 2024 @ 1:02pm

This past week the children were very busy consolidating their respective Maths knowledge; Year 1's completing their section on number concept to 20 and Year 2's their ability to make up varying amounts of money using various combinations or denominations of coins. This coming week both year groups will be embarking of addition and subtraction within these sections. 

In English we continued to explore and unpack the parts of speech associated with instructional writing in preparation for their sock puppet-making task. They played a few matching games to ensure they understood the instructinal vocabulary. They matched explanations with pictures.

The children so enjoyed this crafting day and were all so proud of the dog sock puppets they made. They found sewing the button eyes onto their puppets quite challenging, but we were so proud of their perseverence and determination. A special thank you to Lily Benson's wonderful Granny, Alex Limpkin, who very patiently assisted many of the children with their puppets. You were amazing!!

In Science we continued to monitor the growth of our Cress seeds and Daffodil Bulbs and walked accross the road to see the beautiful Snow Drops blooming in one of our neighbour's gardens.

We began learning about plant habitats and shall continue with that this coming week.

In History the children were shown some more very old toys; porcelain dolls and wooden soldiers. Freddie's grandfather was kind enought to let him bring his very own 'Super Striker' board game to school to show the class.

The children marvelled at the detailed figurines complete with moving kicking legs and the moving goalkeepers. Mr Steele told the children that he had always wanted one when he was a boy!

The children were given pictures of old and modern toys and asked to write a short comparison; who would have played with them, what would they have been made from and then compare the modern version. Their answers were a good reflection of their firm understanding of discussions we've had on the topic. 

On Tuesday Greys children went on a 'virtual' game drive. Although animals were initially scarce, the children did eventually see elephant, lion and even a chameleon. On reflection, almost 80% of the class voiced their disapointment as they were under the impression that they were to have gone on an 'actual' game drive. I apologised to them as I had obviously not explained the 'virtual' part properly!

Mrs Elson played Rats and Rabbits with the children on Friday. They had so much fun!

Have great week.

Jen Tully


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