Greys 22 March

Date: 24th Mar 2024 @ 9:15pm

This week was our Design and Technology week.  The children learnt about the mechanisms  that make sliders that are used in children's story books.  They had to consider all the criterion that would make an appealing book for a 3 or 4 year old; bright colours, interactive parts etc.

We were so proud of our children for their perseverence and the pride they took in making their books.

In Maths the Year 1's completed their section on place value to the number 50. The Year 2's continue to consolidate their knowledge of multiplication and division. They are presently working on their 2 x multiplication and division.

In English,Year 1's designed the label for a tin of Tiger Food and did a comprehension exercise on their book.

The Year 2's have spent time this week planning and writing their poems on the lifecycle of their choice of animal or plant.

In Geography, the children put their seaside diarama's together. We intend adding to these in the week ahead and then to present these to the class.

As part of the Henley Youth Festival, a local artist, Michaela Clarke, came to spend time with our children and showed them how to make personalised photo frames. They really enjoyed this arts and crafts activity.

In R.E. we explored why it is theat people follow Jesus and then began to learn an Easter Hymn to be sung at our Easter service on Wednesday. I hope many of you will join us.

In Music, Mrs Fowler continues to teach Grey's children notes on the recorder. They are making amazing progress..

IN P.E. Mr and Mrs Elson organised our teams who will represent Peppard in the Year 1 and 2 football tournament at Kidmore End on Tuesday. All the children practised well.

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