Greys Class 15 March

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 2:32pm

Hi All


My apologies for missing out on the blog last week. As many of you know, myself and about 11 children in our class had a rather debilitating tummy bug.

I shall try to catch you up on all of our activities over the past fortnight.

Science Centre Oxford outing! : The children thoroughly enjoyed this excursion as did their teacher. Many thanks to Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Hilton for driving the two buses and to Lottlie Eary for accompanying us.

We were so proud of our children; their behaviour, interaction with staff, thoughtful questions and responses and politeness. They went on a woodland walk, explored the 'discovery' area with all its fascinating Science- based puzzles and wonders and then participated in a wonderful presentation in the auditorium. One of girls had a wobbly tooth knocked out and her good humour was just brilliant! 

On Friday 8 March we all came dressed for a delayed World Book Day. The children looked incredible! Thank you Moms and Dads for your part in making this so enjoyable. Mr Steele drove us to the Sonning Common Hall where we watched an enjoyable show and on our return, some of our children then left for Henley where they participated in a sing-a-long. They thoroughly enjoyed this by all accounts.

Some of our children have been attending Drama classes. Their hard work paid off as they performed brilliantly at the Henley Youth Festival. Well done!!

This past week, The Year 1's have been writing 'shopping lists' and 'invitations' related to their theme 'The Tiger who came to Tea'.

The Year 2's have been watching their broad beans growing and drawing and labeling the life cycle of a living thing of their own choice.They have learnt about homophones and writing in the 1st person as well as revising punctuation, noun phrases and adverbs with the -ly suffix, in preparation for writing a poem of their own.

In Maths the Year 1's are working up to the number 50. They are learning to group in tens and ones and count in 2's, 5's and 10's.

Year 2's continue to practise grouping in relation to multiplication and division. They need to know their 2,5 and 10 times tables and to this end they are encouraged to play 'Hit the Button'.

Greys Class are reminded to play Doodle Maths daily. Work has been assigned relevant to the sections we are currently doing.

In Geography we looked at coastal life and explored what it is like to live and work near the sea. They began planning their seaside diaramas which should be completed this coming week.

In PSHE, the children discussed attitudes towards things they find challenging. They were asked to spend 3 minutes trying to complete 7 different activities in a circuit. Some activities some children found more challenging than others. It was such a valuable exercise for the children to see that they were not the only ones who found some of the activites challenging, but was of great value to hear other children sharing their experience of 'giving it a go! and in the process, learning.' They were quite proud of themselves!

In R.E. the children learnt about how Moses saw the burning bush and obeyed God's instruction to tell the Pharoah to set his people free and lead them out of slavery.

This coming week we have a Design and Technology day on Wednesday and on Thursday our class Book Look will take place.

Have great week.

Jen Tully



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