Grey's Class 29 September

Date: 1st Oct 2023 @ 2:04pm

A productive week.


This week we began rounding off our section on Place Value in Maths. Chidren in both years successfully compared numbers and objects and got to grips with using correct Mathematical terms and symbols for; greater than, less than and equal to.  They successfully applied these symbols to make number sentences.

Greys class are starting to read with greater fluency, demonstrating pleasing decoding and blending skills when necessary. I am so proud of them!

We received an apology letter from the Naughty Bus this week. He was very sorry for the havoc he had caused and vowed to clean up after himself  when next he visits!

The children saw photo's of the Naughty Bus who had been exploring the grounds of Peppard Primary. They then used these to write the sequel to the original story using vocabulary they collectively suggested might be useful. 

In Science we investigated how it is that ships are able to float despite their vast mass. To this end we carried out another of our 'egg'speriments; we looked at the buoyancy of an egg in fresh water and then gradually added salt to increase the density of the water. Ultimately the egg floated.  Ask your child to show you.

In History we explored the idea that information about what has happened in the past is reliant on credible sources.

The children worked in pairs to find the source of various 'bits' of information as reported in History about the Wright Brothers and their first flight. They read the information and then decided which of the 6 Historic sources provided pictorially had proven the information to be factual. I was so proud of how carefully and enthusiastically they worked together to find the information in each source.

Greys children completed their beautiful Autumnal leaves in Art, painting over the wax crayon coloured leaves with watercolours. Some of them learnt that excessive water makes paper bubble!

We are looking forward to perfoming our Harvest Festival poem in the Church on Wednesday morning and hope to see many of you there. We have been practicing very hard.

Just a gentle reminder to ask your children to put their reading books back in their bags to return too school each day. This would be a great help. Thank you for reading with your children. We really can see the difference.


Mrs Tully

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