Highmoor 10th November

Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 9:33am

Welcome to our week in Highmoor.

It was great to see so many of you in church on Wednesday. We hope you enjoyed our song and our poppy pictures!

We have been continuing with multiplication and division in maths looking at patterns, how tables relate to each other, factors and multiples and mental multiplication methods.

In literacy we have been reading about North and South America as our non fiction texts to tie in with our geography topic. We looked at the features of non fiction books and answered comprehension questions on the continents. We are also continuing to read Iron Man by Ted Hughes and basing writing on this.

We focussed on the continent of South America in geography this week. We used atlases to locate capital cities and marked them on our own maps and and looked at compass directions to describe locations.

Today we were experimenting to see how long different liquids take to travel down a ramp in Science. This helped us determine the viscosity of each liquid and match the correct particle diagram to each liquid.

In RE this half term we are learning about the importance of Mary to the Christian religion and looked at various depictions of her and thought about what that told us about people’s beliefs.

Homework is Doodle maths, reading and times tables.

Have a great weekend all!

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