Highmoor 1st December

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 1:49pm

Welcome to our week in Highmoor.

We had an exciting start to the week with DT days on Monday and Tuesday. We were designing, making and eating vegetable tarts. We began by investigating the seasonality of food, we then looked at where in the world our food comes from and the nutritional content of different coloured fruit and vegetables. We then got to design our own tarts, we chose from a variety of vegetables and thought about what we had learned earlier and their taste, texture and appearance together. We wrote our own recipes and got to work peeling and cutting the vegetables! Finally we cut, scored and pricked the puff pastry, spread tomato purée over it, placed our vegetables and grated cheese on top and baked them. They looked amazing once they were done and we got to taste each others and eat our own. They were delicious! We evaluated our tarts and thought about how we could improve them next time.

In maths we moved on to short multiplication. We started by using place value counters alongside the written method to ensure we understood what we were doing and moved on to just using the written method.

We had fun in Spanish learning to tell others about our pets and learned lots of new vocabulary. We are really enjoying our Spanish lessons with Senora Tontini, they are always exciting and active!

We were looking at the water cycle in science and experimented with rates of evaporation - in the classroom (left alone), with a cool breeze (flapping books!) or with warm winds (using a hairdryer). We also made ‘water cycles in a bag’ and will observe what happens over the next week.

Homework is reading, times tables and doodle maths.

Have a great weekend all. 



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