Highmoor 20th October

Date: 20th Oct 2023 @ 2:22pm

Welcome to our week in Highmoor.

We have finished our addition and subtraction units in maths. We have been focussing on how to make sure we have the correct answer by using the inverse operation or estimating.

In literacy we wrote our own version of the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ we used our planning books and really thought about improving our writing before writing it up into our literacy books. We also wrote instructions on how to make a woolly mammoth and had a chance to give each other feedback on our first drafts. We also made fortune tellers to help practise our spellings!

We investigated the mystery of 52 bodies found at Maiden Castle hillfort in history. We looked at different sources of information to figure out why the bodies had been buried together as they were.

We are really enjoying both our PE lessons this half term - rugby skills on Tuesdays and kennylands gym on Wednesdays.

After many weeks of of black and white art lessons using charcoal, this week we needed a bit of colour in our lives! We first drew round  our hands then drew long lines through the image to create random shapes. After looking carefully at our design we chose colours to enhance it making sure to keep within the lines and place the colours with thought.

Have a lovely half term everyone. 

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