Highmoor 2nd February

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 3:17pm

This week in science we we investigated how plants move water from their roots to the tips of their petals and leaves by putting cut flowers in water coloured by food dye. We are hoping to see some changes in the colour of the petals! 
In literacy we wrote about Perseus meeting the Grey Sisters on his quest for Medusa’s head. We used lots of descriptive writing to describe the forest and extended our sentences using conjunctions. We included lots of speech punctuation when he met the witches.
We worked on our problem solving skills in maths using the 4 operations to solve word problems. We have also spent extra time on our times tables, they really are key and time spent at home working on these will hugely benefit all children.
In history we had fun role playing being Athenians and having a debate about rebuilding the Parthenon. We then voted to make our decision. We were surprised that although democracy started in Athens and it was seen as an enlightened city state only certain people were actually allowed to vote. We thought it was most unfair!
We finished inputting data into our databases in computing and then ordered the fields in different ways to better understand the data.
Please don’t forget homework, it makes a big difference to all the children that do this. As ever there is Doodle maths, daily reading, spellings and times tables.
Have a great weekend. 

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