Highmoor 3rd November

Date: 3rd Nov 2023 @ 1:14pm

Welcome back to school everyone!

The children have made a great start to the new half term and have come in refreshed and eager to learn.

In literacy we have been reading and learning the poem Flanders Fields. There is some tricky vocabulary and we have been working hard to fully understand the poem and will be performing it for you at the Remembrance service in church next week. We have also started to read Iron Man by Ted Hughes and were again working with vocabulary. We thought about words we know and those we don’t, discovered their meanings and then researched their synonyms.

In maths both year groups are learning about multiplication and division. We have been looking at arrays and how they help us understand the relationship between the 2 operations. We have also been thinking about easy ways to figure out calculations like 18 x 3 eg 10x3+8x3.

Our geography topic this half term is the continents of North and South America. We started by using google earth to locate some North American cities and we looked at maps showing the different countries in the continent.

We have started our science topic on states of matter. Having identified the properties of solids, liquids and gases, we were changing the state of liquid in the form of double cream into a solid in the form of butter (using lots of physical effort!).

PE continues to be rugby on Tuesdays on the Common and gym on Wednesdays.

In art we used a combination of pastels and paint to create a field of poppies. We also drew images of what we thought the Iron Man looked like.

Homework is spellings (term 1b week 1 - can be found in home school diaries or on the class page on the website) Doodle maths and daily reading. 

Have a great weekend all.  

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