Peppard class - 6.10.2023

Date: 6th Oct 2023 @ 4:08pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard Class.

We have continued with our Little Wandle Letters and sounds this week.  The children have learned the new sounds:

g, o, c, k 

We have also learned the tricky word - 'is' (It is tricky becuase the 's' sounds like 'z').

In maths this week, we have been learning and completing patterns.  We have used natural objects, shapes, and we used fruit to make an edible pattern.  This activity was very popular!  Some of the children then made patterns when they were choosing their own learning.  

We have begun learning the story - The Little Red Hen.  We had a very interesting discussion about whether the Little Red Hen should have shared the bread with the animals who would not help to make it.  We were very impressed with the children's reasoning!  When we finish this unit of work we will invite you to come and watch the chiildren tell the story.

The children had a wonderful time at Forest school and they gained confidence whilst learning about their natural environment. 

Our music lesson was fun!  We did some dancing and movement whilst listening for the pulse in the music.  We then learned a new song.  Finally, we heard a piece of music and we contributed our ideas as to how the music made us feel and decided it was for a celebration.  We then discussed different celebrations that we have experienced.  

The children have brought home a book for you to share.  Please bring it back to school on Monday.  

Here is a link for Letters and sounds

We are keen to start our show and tell next week.  Please help your child to select something that is special to them.  We only have time for one item.

Monday - Archie and Frida

Tuesday - Sophia and Charlie

Wednesday - Ophelia and Jesse

Thursday - Raffy and Jasper

Friday - Philippa

Have a wonderful weekend.

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